Valuable Piece Of Moncton History Found After Dolma Foods Fire

A piece of history has been saved from the rubble from the fire that destroyed of the Dolma Foods building on St. George Street in Moncton.

When Owner Hossein Barar was going over what was left of the building with the Insurance company, he spotted something that he felt needed to be protected.

Heritage and Culture Coordinator for Resurgo Place Lawren Campbell says, “They found the cornerstone from the original building from “La Bonne Nouvelle” Christian Book Store, which was actually the first French Baptist Church in the Maritimes when it officially opened in 1949.”

Campbell says there are markings that show there is a high probability of a time capsule inside.The cornerstone was always on display.  There was a cutout in the metal siding for the cornerstone to show through.
He says Barar is such a community minded person, that he was very concerned that this item be protected. Because Barar owns the building, he will have the final say as to what happens with the cornerstone.


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