Local Meat Box


Our Dolma meat boxes are for those who are looking to cook and eat the best locally-sourced meat available in Moncton without the hassle of making decisions or shopping around.



Our meats are sourced from some of the best farmers in Atlantic Canada and butchered in-house.

The Local meat box includes:

  • PEI Beef Striploin Blue Dot AAA x 2 (10oz each)
  • PEI Beef Sirloin Steak AAA x 2 (6oz each)
  • Extra Lean Ground Beef PEI x 1 Lbs
  • NB Pork Chops bone in x 2
  • NB Coppa Steak x 2
  • Dolma Applewood smoke bacon x 1 pack
  • Dolma House sausage x 1 pack of 4pcs
  • Springbrook chicken thigh 1 pack of 4pcs
  • Springbrook chicken breast 1 pack of 2pcs

Order online or by visiting us in-store.