Earth Friendly Farm Local Swiss Chard

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Earth Friendly Farm Local Swiss Chard

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About Earth Friendly Farm

Earth Friendly Farm is a natural farm specializing in growing salad crops like lettuces and spinach for local markets. During the summer growing season, Earth Friendly Farm also grows field crops of mixed vegetables that are made available at three local farmers markets. The Salisbury Farmers Market, the Petitcodiac Farmers Market and the Riverview Farmers market. Earth Friendly Farm produce can also be found everyday at the two Dolma Food locations in Moncton and Dieppe New Brunswick. Hydroponically produced bibb lettuce is also grown on this farm and marketed under the Diddley-Squash Farm name, since it is produced hydroponically it is not certified as naturally grown or organic. However, an exciting field within the hydroponic industry is emerging which uses compost teas as a more natural way to grow hydroponic produce and we will be experimenting with this new technology to bring naturally grown bioponic produce to our local markets.