2 Foodies visit Dolma Foods 2nd Floor Restaurant

Jennie’s verdict:
We’ve been anxiously awaiting the opening/return of Dolma’s new cafe called 2nd Floor at Dolma Food since the grocery store (Dolma Food) on the if floor of the three-story building opened in April.
Spoiler: we did not leave disappointed.

The menu is a fusion of local (fresh produce), international (spices, packaged products) and Asian (rnainly Japanese) offerings, which mirrors what is sold in the grocery store.
The interior is beautiful; rust and navy paint colours and dark wood are lighten. by some major window space surrounding the dining room and a bright and graphic mural on northern wall. You can also see the chefs working in the half-open kitchen.

The rooftop patio may be open by the time this is published, and will serve a completely different menu than the indoors space. We took a trip up, and will definitely be back for a drink and a something from the in-house smoker while overlooking St. George Street.

I start. with the Miso Soup ($3), a traditional Japanese soup made with wakame and tofu. We’ve tried many a miso soup during our almost-two-years as Foodies and this one goes up the in the ranks of the best.

The tofu cubes, though quite tiny, were the smoothest and silkiest I’ve ever ate. The wakarne, a super healthy seaweed, wasn’t too fishy tasting. The dish wasn’t at all salty, and a great palate cleanser before my main course.
It was also the largest serving of miso I’ve ever had, and for three bucks, a good start to the meal.
I almost start. with the ‘tread” snack, which came with olive oil and Egyptian Dukka, a secret mix of spices, but I wanted to keep things healthy … scratch that … but I wanted to save room (and carbs) for dessert.
A friend’s parents, who’ve already been twice, loved the crab cakes, and as a avid fan of them myself, it was easy to follow this recommendation.

For $16, You can Or the cakes with a soup (it was Mexican Chicken that day, which is not my style) or salad (caesar or Dolma). I went with the Dolma Salad, which was a mixture of local greens, granola, dried blueberries and roasted beets, dressed in a pomegranate vinaigrette.

I recently saw a post on social media that argues cucumber was one of the worst vegetables because it didn’t have a strong taste. Well, the chefs at Dolma would have proved that person wrong because the cucumber emulsion was full of cucumber taste. I could have surely identified it in a blind taste test, and that’s saying something.

The crab, though plentiful, was really, really fine, and rny only minor critique is that the green onions in the mix could have been cut just as fine. When I took a bite with a piece of green onion it in, it really overwhelmed the crab.

The one word I’d used to describe the meal (other than the crunchy granola pieces), was “soft”, the textures were soft, the flavours were soft (nothing acidic), and the colours were, too.

The shortcake ($7.50), changes with the berry crop, and on this day was strawberry. It was the prettiest thing I’ve got to photograph for Foodies this year and just as tasty.
The biscuit was kind of tough to break through with just a fork or spoon, but after time, the glazed strawberries (I swear there was some kind of liquor in that glaze, even though our server didn’t think there was any present) and whipped cream broke things down.

Our server, Julie-Pier on my receipt, was fantastic. I was so happy to hear she’d tried nearly everything on the menu and easily answered our numerous questions. The same goes for the rest of the staff; everyone worked as a team and our apps were even served by one of the chefs.
I’ll be back and will bring friends.

My meal, before tax and tip, came to $26.50.

FOOD: 4 stars out of 5 stars

SERVICE/ATMOSPHERE: 5 stars out of 5 stars

Marie’s verdict:
From green groceries to great sushi rolls, Dolma has been a healthy go-to for Metro Moncton residents. With the opening of their full-scale dining room a. beautiful rooftop patio (can’t wait to try it out), the local business has ramped up its reputation 10-fold, in the eye of The Two Foodies. The restaurant has an eco-friendly feel, and the funky mural on to wall ties nicely to 2nd Floor at Dolma Food’s abstract logo (featured on sorne of the glassware and the menus). Though we kept this visit alcohol-free, there’s an extensive wine rack that takes up an entire wall near the kitchen. This new and improved 2nd Floor at Dolma Food is ready to impress for grand celebrations or a simple night out for two.

I wanted to keep things relatively light for this meal, but couldn’t avoid getting an appetizer or snack. I went for the latter, the Bam Dates ($5). This starter consists of three chorizo-stuffed dates with red pepper sauce. The server, who was kind and knowledgeable, said it was typically served with almond slivers but that the chef could easily accommodate my allergies. Instead, I received garlic slivers – they were delightful.
The dates were succulent and rich. The meat was in pate form and wasn’t on the spicy side of the flavour wheel, as I was expecting. The sauce tied together the sugary nature of the date with the savoury notes of the chorizo. They were delicious.

I also made it clear to the server of my shellfish allergies, which was also taken care of. She needed to know the severity of it, in order to instruct the cooks on preparation needs. Dolma makes it clear that plenty of nuts and seafood are used in their creations so they can’t completely guarantee that the meals haven’t been in the vicinity or touched one of my allergens.

For my main, I ordered the Salmon Avocado Salad ($16). The two aforementioned ingredients are joined by Romaine lettuce, bell peppers, onion, wakame, dried egg yolk, tobiko a. topped with apple and radish vinaigrette, which comes in a dish on the side.

This is presented with precision, with the slices of salmon a. avocado laying in symmetry above a small mound of the other vegetables. The tastes were harmonious. The salmon didn’t overpower anything else, I believe thanks to the slightly pert oil-based vinaigrette. Everything was ripe and fresh.
This is a great dish if you’re detoxing from a particularly fried food-filled weekend (as I had), or are looking to keep your body and mind in top shape.

Finally, since there were just two dessert options, we knew we had to pounce. I went with the Chocolate Mousse ($5), which is topped with Grand Marnier whipped cream and (for those without the allergy) candied pecans.

Again, with my other choices at Dolma, this is a light choice, though perhaps not as healthy. But, it’s not frozen, or purchased from another provider. And it was lovely. The Grand Marnier cream is absolutely addictive. Perhaps a little pricey for the size of it but I felt it capped off the meal perfectly.

We conquered the first and second floors of Dolma. Next, on our own time, it will . the third.

FOOD: 4.5 stars out of 5 stars

SERVICE/ATMOSPHERE: 5 stars out of 5 stars

OVERALL: 4.5 stars out of 5 stars

Conclusion: Though it’s likely not a surprise to anyone, Dolma Cafe is a true gern. We arrived with high expectations, all which were rnet We’ll be more than happy to return to try more items on the expansive and vari. menu, and can’t wait to grab a drink on the rooftop patio.

2nd Floor at Dolma Food is open Monday to Wednesday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Thursday & Friday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m, Saturday 11-2pm (Brunch) 5-9pm (Dinner) and Sunday 11-2pm (Brunch).

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